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CS from Branford CT: 

The entire program at VPG has improved my life and my relationship with my wife. I feel better, less anxious, and a sense of relief. I can make love to my wife again. I have less pain and sleep better too. I 

am so glad I found these wonderful and caring people.

Not actual patient image:

52 year old male with moderate to severe health issues

GAINSWave Testimony @ VPG Waves

TG Northampton, MA

I always had a feeling healthcare can be easy, safe and effective, wish I found VPG sooner. I came here for my ED a side effect due to my type 1 diabetes. I had several underlying health issues and they are treating all of them all for the one price for the Shockwave therapy treatments for ED. You truly are getting your money's worth here. I have results in the bedroom I have not seen in years. All I can say is that there is hope. This clinic has all the right people to get yo where you want to go. Hey all you need is a tune-up! Stop looking for a place, this is where you want to be! 

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55 year old male ​with moderate health issues.

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70 year old male with moderate health issues

GAINSWave Testimony @ VPG Waves

I first learned of Gainswave in Glastonbury, CT on the Internet. As a man in my 70’s, I had an interest in “stepping up my game” regarding my ED issues. After consultation with the staff, I decided to try the package consisting of 12 Gainswave treatments, 12 Acupuncture treatments and 2 Naturopath visits. During this time, I found the facility and staff to be very professional.

My response to these treatments was gradual, resulting in improved stamina and performance by the completion of treatment. My wife and I are very pleased with the results.

Thank you Vitalized Performance Group.

Peter F. Veteran USMC

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40 year old male with out severe health problems

GAINSWave Testimony @ VPG Waves

Dear Vitalized Performance Group,

Just a quick note to say thank you!

Your comprehensive program helped me regain my sexual health. Since we are not getting any younger, I needed a tune-up.  I wasn't getting the morning feeling as much as I used to. 

I started off with 6 GAINSWave sessions along with 4 acupuncture sessions in about a month's time followed by 4 colonics.

I can tell you that I am feeling great and happy to report that every morning I have the movement that I used to have when I was younger.

I would recommend this process to anyone who is looking for some revitalization.

Thank you to Jen and Gigi for all their help. 

Thanks for making me feel younger again. 


Manchester, CT

Vitalized Performance Visitors, would like to share there experiences:

K. B.  of West Hartford:  

Everyone at Vitalized Performance Group is truly a pundit of holistic treatment/alternative therapies. I’m so grateful I was able to visit their clinic and leave the facility in much better health. At VPG, they genuinely care about your health: they will take the time to explain the inner mechanics of the human body, your current health status, and all the different treatment options available to you.

Gigi’s colonics are awesome! She really makes the experience as comfortable and clean as possible. These colonics have been instrumental in helping me alleviate symptoms of IBS and I will continue to come in the future!

Bob - He is extremely passionate about his work. His acupuncture helped reduce a lot of muscle tension I was experiencing. He would even send me articles explaining potential causes of my pain after our conversations, which I found to be extremely thoughtful.

Dr. Sparks - She is hilarious and an extremely informative naturopathic doctor. I loved our initial meeting and she was extremely hands-on during our evaluation. I look forward to working with her more in the future.

Overall, my experience at VPG was unparalleled. It’s rare to find doctors that humanize the healthcare process and they all do so seamlessly. I would definitely recommend VPG to anyone seeking to master their health through a more transparent process.

By Karen Lucas Breda Ph.D., RN  Regarding VPG Waves, Bob Robles LAc

One morning I noticed myself limping down the stairs. The swelling in my right knee had gotten so bad that I could no longer bend it properly. My chiropractor had been treating my hip for over a year and I was also having a massage from an expert massage therapist every three weeks. Things were not getting better. Was I looking at hip surgery? As a registered nurse I knew too well the possible side effects of surgery and I did not want surgery if I could help it.

I was hoping for the best when I entered Mr. Robles’ community acupuncture office for the first time in January five years ago. My chiropractor and my massage therapist had recommended him, so I knew I would be in good hands.

The room was warm and cozy and I was surprised at how comfortable everyone looked in the community acupuncture setting. I liked the fact that it was so easy and affordable. No disrobing and no big bill out of pocket each time I went. Within the first several treatments, I began to have less swelling in my knee until finally, my knee was normal again. My hip improved after the knee resolved and I could not believe my newfound range of motion. This was a painless range of motion! I would not have believed the scenario if someone else had told me about it. As a nursing professor, I critique all new methods and read the research thoroughly. I already knew a lot about the good effects of acupuncture. With Mr. Robles’ community acupuncture, I was able to go more often and I found amazing results.

Did I mention that Mr. Robles made me feel good about myself as a person? I laughed silly each time I went and learned a lot about how acupuncture actually works. He is professional and extremely skilled. The best around, I say. Because there are so few negative side effects to acupuncture (some would say no side effects), it is definitely worth a try even for the skeptics. Try it, you’ll like it, and your body and mind will thank you for it!

Professor Karen Lucas Breda Ph.D., RN is an Associate Professor of Nursing at the University of Hartford in West Hartford, Connecticut. She has been a practicing registered nurse for over 30 years and teaches a course on alternative and complementary healing modalities.  


Mark L.  Regarding VPG Waves'  Jennifer Dubicki LAc

I was skeptical about starting treatment but wow!!!

Jen is so good and knowledgeable, she’s great. The facility is super clean and up to date.

Acupuncture is helping me so much with a variety of ailments. I am a lifer for sure!!

Thanks so much, VPG❤️


Teresa A.  Regarding Gigi Adduci Colon hydro-therapist

I am so happy I found this place, I had hydro colonic treatments with Gigi. She was very kind and made me feel very comfortable each visit. She actually wants you to feel better and you will. She knows her thing! I had stomach pains, I always felt bloated and full before coming to VPG but now I am more energized and able to go every day. I had my last treatment and I feel AMAZING, I even lost pounds and my stomach is flatter. The best choice I made for my health was coming here. I also had a cupping session with Jen and she was very knowledgeable on natural ways to take care of your health. It’s always clean never crowds I strongly recommend this place like today!



I loved my experience here so much. I can not wait to go back. The staff was amazing and kind. Very knowledgeable. I felt super comfortable and welcome. I highly recommend it.



Great experience!! One treatment of acupuncture and I’m feeling a lot less pain. Definitely going back and continue with more treatments to fix the problem for good



Great experience! Have bought a variety of treatments and enjoyed them all!



This was my first time with acupuncture. To my surprise, I got instant results. I was told several times to try it, but couldn't bring myself to do so. But now I'm a believer. I will be going back to work out some other issues. Is it possible I can finally be free of chronic pain? I'm currently headed in the right direction.



I had a great time with Gigi! The place is great and everyone is kind, professional, and knowledgeable. I look forward to going back again soon!



Loved it. Jennifer was great - already booked more appointments.



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