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Where there’s a will there’s a way!



Look Below to for  information on how to treat ED at home.


 Some quality Gold Standard  Pharma-Grad supplements and some small dietary changes are part of the success of our patients. 




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GAINSWave/FemiWave/ESWT treatment packages from VPG Waves provide whole-body health at no extra cost!

Our "package" combination of treatments gives you your desired results better and sooner than a shockwave-only treatment plan.

 Call now to learn more about why addressing the root cause is essential for success.

We have 2 outstanding devices the Evive and the Storz devices. 

AcuteWave for pain is only $100 per treatment area.  We do not include the holistic treatments but highly recommend them. Combining modalities is always a good approach to thorough healing

What is AcuteWave?


Treats and can heal from the root cause:


The most common indication for ESWT is plantar fasciitis (heel spur). Other indications include tennis and golfer's elbow, patellar tendinitis (jumper's knee), supraspinatus tendinitis (in the shoulder), and Achilles enthesopathy, carpal tunnel even TMJ.  


What is ESWT?

FDA approved medical device that is virtually pain free, safe and extremely effective. Studies show it works over 80%.


 This is a new technology and its uses are still being learned and studied in human trials. 

A Package of GAINSWave treatments includes:

6 or 12 acupuncture treatments

2+ colon hydrotherapy treatments

2+ Naturopathic Physician Visits


This can improve your health significantly while saving up to $1500 in necessary holistic care for the best overall results. 

*Holistic Health Package Prices are included in the GAINSWave/FemiWav contracted price, you may refuse the holistic treatments but you will not be able to get a discount on the overall price *


Learn more about what you can do at home now for better health outcomes!

It is vital to address all root causes of health problems.  


Visit our website to learn more about shockwave and holistic health.  Our clinic has an over 85% success rate.


1.  Start your research here:

A supplement, AFFIRM, and the use of a penis pump are Safe and  Effective for most users.  We strongly recommend obtaining approval by a medical provider before adding any supplement or dietary changes or physical  treatments like starting the use of any device to help with your ED: (We matched the online prices so you can come to the clinic and pick up the most used supplements and penis pumps.  Save $$ on shipping cost and save time.) Learn more:


2. Eliminate digestive health issues.  Research shows constipation has a direct link to erectile dysfunction and bladder leakage. 


3. More Vital Info:


4. Diet:  


5.  Beware of Dental Hygiene



Purchase your supplements to get you started:   

6. Online Supplements:

Click the blue shape to learn more:


Go directly to the GAINSWave website for more information and testimonials:

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